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Do you find yourself fitting into a male-dominant leadership mold that requires leaving important pieces of your feminine qualities out of the equation, such as connection, inclusion, creativity and intuition?

Are you feeling the pressure to keep up with productivity, always wearing the director hat, and so focused on meeting everyone’s expectations that you’ve forgotten who you are?

Are you watching others climb the corporate ladder or up-level in their business with ease, while you're grinding away, feeling exhausted and depleted, and not sure how much longer you can keep it up?

If you're pushing your true self down, not fully living and leading from a place of authenticity and alignment, then you've come to the right place at the right time!

Deep down you know you’re meant for so much more,
but you need support in learning how to integrate ALL of you into your work and your life
 by accessing more of your natural, magnetic feminine qualities for more ease and flow!

In this transformational, 6 week workshop, you will:

Embody your leadership identity that will allow yourself and your career or business to expand to the next level and beyond.

Connect with your unique expertise and gain clarity for your  purpose-led mission so you can feel fulfilled.

Step into your feminine power to create and innovate from alignment, abundance and your intuition.

Learn how to leverage both your positive masculine and feminine attributes to increase productivity, revenue, and impact with more freedom and ease.

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Week One, You Will:

  • Meet your new Leadership community and celebrate your arrival to this pivotal juncture on your journey of career achievement and entrepreneurship.
  • Learn the Conscious Leadership Model, including the distinction between feminine and masculine qualities and drivers, and how they translate into your work or your business behaviors, choices, and actions. 

Week Two, You Will:

  • Connect with your unique expertise and get crystal clear on how it is that you're meant to serve through a powerful exercise that I reserve for my private clients.
  • Discover the values that are most important to you and how you deeply desire to experience, grow, and contribute as a leader in your purpose-inspired work. 

Week Three, You Will:

  • Release outdated programming and what’s holding you back from attracting the people, resources and opportunities you need to flourish with more ease in your work or business.
  • Define your boundaries and clean up energy leaks so you can step into your power, and own your worth and value in your business, work, and in your life!

Week Four, You Will:

  • Learn the power of emotional mastery and my unique process of releasing emotional triggers so you can navigate decisions, challenges and solutions with more clarity and natural confidence.
  • Anchor into the Feminine Leadership template so you can create and innovate from your intuition, abundance, connection, and inspiration!

Week Five, You Will:

  • Go on a deep dive into your relationship with unconditional love and acceptance, and connect intimately with your core needs.
  • Design a realistic wellness plan and begin to prioritize self-care so you can build amazing momentum for growth and expansion with ease and in flow.

Week Six, You Will:

  • Crystalize your future vision of impact and the expansion you’re ready for that will be the most rewarding, fulfilling, and prosperous for you.
  • Learn a step by step road map for Leadership, visibility, and success, so you can deliver your heart centered work to the world on a higher level and beyond.

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If you have questions about the course or would like support in deciding if it's right for you, please reach out so we can connect... just click the button below to contact me: