Empowering Teams From The Inside-Out

Presented by Star Hayward, Success Coach

"Effective leadership begins with effectively leading ourselves." -Star Hayward

Conscious Leadership: Empowering Teams From The Inside-Out is designed to help cultivate the natural leadership qualities within team members in a sustainable and inspiring fashion

It's a comprehensive approach in learning how to lead oneself and others in a reflective, mindful, and responsive way. 

The process of learning Conscious Leadership involves developing an understanding of one's own higher potential, self-responsibility, and awareness of behaviors that creates a foundation for personal and organizational success while contributing to a healthy company culture.

Is your team ready for Accelerated Growth?

In Conscious Leadership your team will learn how to...

Improve self-awareness, step into self-responsibility, and increase performance through mental-emotional mastery skills.

Access positive masculine & feminine qualities and behaviors to support an inclusive, collaborative and equitable working environment.

Leverage individual strengths for greater confidence, authenticity, vulnerability and creative contribution.

Set clear intentions & boundaries for healthy communication, building trust, safety, and a cohesive team culture.

Integrate workplace wellness practices for team and self-care, connection, increased productivity and quality output.

With this course your team will be equipped to...

  • Lead with a growth mindset, open to new perspectives that are aligned with company vision & evolution.
  • Act with confidence & clarity for prioritizing, expedient decision making and delegating.
  • Inspire team action through a strengths-based approach & positive encouragement.

  • Develop the courage to become more vocal, visible & authentic in a balanced and positive fashion.
  • Cultivate a safe, non-bias working environment through awareness, compassion & inclusion.
  • Support team cohesion for collaboration, productivity & creativity.
  • Produce higher quality work through an expanded capacity & desire for personal reward.
  • Confidently pursue creative & innovative opportunities and advancements in leadership roles.
  • Achieve work satisfaction contributing to increased longevity & supporting a positive company Image. 

What Makes Our Company Unique?

Innovative Trainings for Individuals & Teams: Advanced models and strategies to meet the evolving needs of your company culture, leadership, and teams.

Emotional Intelligence, Mindset Mastery & Human Potential Development: Realistic knowledge of empowered leadership qualities and behaviors for optimal team performance and work fulfillment.

Workplace Wellness & Communication Strategies: Highly practical wellness practices that can be integrated effectively into your leadership approaches, company culture, and team care.

Personal, Professional & Organizational Growth: Transformational exercises for individual and team reflection, growth, and expansion for lasting, positive change.

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